With a strong passion for pearls Marc’Harit have specialized in high-quality and sustainably cultured pearls from around the world. With South Sea, Akoya and Tahiti cultured pearls comprising the main of our collections, we increasingly work on the expansions of rare and exquisite natural and cultured pearls.   

With frequent travels we put an honour in collecting our pearls as close to their origin as possible. Marc’Harit hold the uniqueness of being one of the only pearl suppliers focusing on sustainability and sourcing sustainably farmed pearls where possible. We are also proud to offer the sustainable and rare Cortez pearl and the exquisite natural Conch pearl.

Our assortment is wide, ranging from a middle commercial quality to the highest “Top Gem”. All pearls hold the finest lustre within each category.  Marc’Harit do not cover the lowest commercial quality, partly in urge to satisfy the quality concern of our customers, partly to continue the appreciation of the pearl as one of the world’s finest gemstones.



Beginning with an adventurous journey in the South Pacific, the adventure turned out to become a full-time profession.

“My first meeting with the magical, so called “black pearl” was during a crossing of the South Pacific in 1999. Sailing from Panama to New Zealand, there are not many islands to landfall; hence a stop in the French Polynesian atolls let us to a pearl farm. After ten days of enjoying both the grafting and the harvesting of these rare, cultured pearls, my love for these magic, black pearls, the Tahiti pearl, was born. It is a pearl with an irresistible attraction. The Tahiti cultured pearl was still a relatively unknown gem in Europe at that time and it became my mission to expand the knowledge and appreciation of this distinctive pearl. A pearl which holds a unique charm and an endless variety, placing an inner tranquillity in the one who admires it – and even stronger in the one who beholds it”.

– Kira Høg Kampmann


Adventurous and continuously seeking new opportunities, the founder of Marc’Harit, Kira Høg Kampmann, travelled around the globe for at last to settle down in Tahiti for a period of time. Frequent visits at the surrounding atolls where the pearl culture is undertaken, studies of the marine life in the lagoons, educative programs regarding the expertise of the precious gem, and not least the intensive work for the international promotion of the Tahiti cultured pearl and its jewellery, have let to Kira Kampmann’s high expertise. The travels and knowledge seeking continued over the years, and Kira Kampmann is now giving lectures in all pearl types with a particular focus on, and passion for sustainable pearls.
With this background, Marc’Harit retains a solid foundation for sharing our knowledge and passion for pearls.


Mission & Vision

To enlighten the world of the positive benefits of sustainable pearl farming

Over time the mission has developed from spreading the knowledge of the Tahitian pearl, to enlightening the world of the positive benefits of sustainable pearl farming. A pearl is the only gemstone that can do more good than harm to both Nature as well as the remote local societies where the pearls are being cultivated. The goal of Marc’Harit is to spread this knowledge, influencing buyers, jewellers and wearers to choose sustainable pearls.

Marc’Harit’s vision is that through continuous knowledge sharing, sourcing and presenting consciously and sustainably grown pearls to the world:

Marc’Harit will impact the direction of pearl farming across the world toward using more sustainable methods.

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