Pearl grading

Because of our passion for high quality pearls and the increased awareness around traceability and sustainability, Marc’Harit has decided to outline a range of criteria for our pearls and collaborate with suppliers and pearl farmers to raise the bar across the world.
In collaboration with sustainable pearl farmers, taking offset in the existing knowledge around sustainable pearl farming, and our knowledge of the procedures of general pearl farming around the world, we have created three categories:

  • Traceable
  • Concious
  • Sustainable

Traceable pearls

The product can be traced back to its producer.
At Marc’Harit, we put an honour into knowing from where our pearls originate. Which country, which bay, island or atoll, and down to which pearl farm. For Freshwater and Akoya pearls, and sometimes selected pearls from Tahiti, this is not always possible at the time of speaking (2020). It is nonetheless our goal that all our pearls, as a minimum are traceable down to which pearl farm they originate.
Quality – The category ‘traceable pearls’ are as a minimum of medium to very high quality.
Where the industry is not yet ready to supply sustainable pearls (e.g. Freshwater cultured pearls) we can, as a minimum offer high quality pearls, as quality requires care and conscious farming. Hence, encouraging the farmer to produce high quality pearls, knowing that the better the farming conditions, the higher the chance for a good quality pearl.

Conscious pearls

Many pearl farmers around the world are conscious about the way they grow their pearls, without being completely sustainable in their work methods. The pearl farmer strive towards achieving the pearlfect pearl and this requires a high level of conscious care.

The Conscious Pearl category consists of pearls coming from pearl farms that fulfil some of the sustainability criteria, but not all.


Sustainable Pearls

In the quest for the perfect pearl, some pearl farmers have made a conscious decision to work in sustainable ways in regard to both environment as well as the humanitarian aspects. We are proud to be collaborating with a handful of these pioneers, spread wide apart in the world.
The Sustainable Pearl category consists of all the criteria from the Conscious Pearl category, plus further criteria and developmental goals.
Marc’Harit commits to knowing each of our sustainable suppliers’ Code of Practice on both an environmental and Social-responsible level.


In our Digital Catalogue we have listed the level of sustainability in the product page. The view all products in the corresponding categories, please visit the links below: